Ways in which you can get health insurance with little income

Do you have a minimum income and are wondering whether you should use it on health insurance? Though health insurance may seem like an additional expense that you can live without, taking coverage can save you during a health crisis. Anything can happen, and you may need a lot of money to cater for your medical expenses. If you have health insurance, it can cater for the costs during such moments. Luckily, there are different options that you can use for you to find an affordable policy.

You have to do some research on the options as you review each of them and choose an ideal one for your needs. Start by shopping around for a suitable plan. Feel free to compare affordable health insurance quotes before settling for a specific option. You should also comprehend the terms that come with a specific health insurance policy so that you don’t spend more than you have from additional costs like deductibles.

The first option that you have is looking for coverage through a partner or spouse. Try to find out more on the health insurance coverage of your partner since their insurer can add you to the policy with ease. Check if you meet the qualifications to be included in your partner’s health insurance policy.  If you don’t obtain this coverage, you can consider Medicaid. The Affordable Care Act led to some changes in health insurance giving more room to low-income earners to get coverage. Reach out to your state’s insurance commissioner to know if you qualify to receive Medicaid.

Did you get an injury from your work environment? When you go for treatment, the workers’ compensation program can give your health care solutions so that you don’t have to pay the bill. It is the responsibility of your employer to offer you treatment under this program. If your injury or illness comes from a work-related situation, you should make a worker’s compensation claim. Remember to check for the regulations and deadlines for filing for this form of compensation and submit the claim within the required timeline.

When you have a low income, you don’t want a health insurance policy that comes with high monthly premiums. To avoid straining financially, you should consider a high deductible health insurance plan. This has low monthly premiums and high deductibles. If you don’t fall sick often or have a small family, the plan can be economical in the long run.

If you are above 65 years, you can qualify for Medicare. People who receive social security disability benefits and are below the specified age, can also be eligible for Medicare. Apart from this, some particular organization provides health insurance coverage to low-income earners. For instance, University Alumni Associations offer different insurance choices. Though they may not pay insurance premiums on your behalf, you can enjoy low rates due to group discounts.  Try to research the organizations that offer group health insurance and become a member.